air andlands with a crash on the cement floor. Unisex Adidas Tubular Nova PK Black Grey TrainersInstruments fly across theroom.Twenty-seven. There are twenty-seven instruments.I shake my head, Unisex Adidas Tubular Nova PK Black Red Trainerstrying to rid it of the ringing sound of metal on Unisex Adidas Tubular Nova PK Navy Trainersconcrete that still echoes through it. Thoughts fly through my head.There are so many, and at first, they are overwhelming, but I quicklyunderstand the underlying message.I have to get out of here.The door is locked and appears to be solid steel. I slam a fist into it,but I know I canrsquo;t break it down. There are no hinges and no obviousmeans of unlocking it.Computer.I turn around and face the computer screen on the table. There is only asingle cursor blinking green and asking for a user name. Is the username based on last name and first initial? I have no way of knowingwhere to begin.I donrsquo;t know my name.I suck in air and feel panic start to build. I push the thought to theback of my head. I canrsquo;t do anything about that now. I have to escape.Other issues can wai