OneI breathe in the darkness.There is a blindfold around my eyes. Ladies Pink White Puma Whirlwind Classic SneakersThere is a collar around my neck. Iam sitting up on my knees, naked, trembling. My wrists Mens Blue Orange Puma Whirlwind Classic Sneakersare bound to thebedposts, stretched out to either side of me.He is behind me.I can feel his breathing on the back of my neck. Mens Navy White Puma Whirlwind SneakersI strain forward, awayfrom him. He is not touching me, but his breath is warm on my skin. Ipull harder, but the ties around my wrists hold fast.The ties around my wrist are silken handcuffs. The bed underneath me iscovered in silk sheets. Even the blindfold is black silk.Black. Everything is black. My eyes are open under the blindfold but Ican see nothing. I sit there silently, feeling the air move against mynaked body. ;Lacey, my darling.rdquo; He breathe