redyears.The Organizational Structure of Hades HangmenPresident LADIES NIKE AIR MAX 90 ULTRA HYPER VIOLET TRAINERS(Prez): Leader of the club. Holder of the Gavel, which issymbolic of the absolute power that UNISEX NIKE AIR MAX 90 ULTRA BREATHE HYPER JADE TRAINERSthe President wields. The Gavel isused to keep order in Church. The word of the President is law withinthe club. UNISEX NIKE AIR MAX 90 ULTRA BREATHE NAVY SPORTSWEAR TRAINERS He takes advice from senior club members. No one challengesthe decisions of the President.Vice President (VP): Second-in-Command. Executes the orders of thePresident. Principal communicator with other chapters of the club.Assumes all responsibilities and duties of the President in theirabsence.Road Captain: Responsible for all club runs. Research, plan and organizeclub runs and ride