on the force, nothing had hit her so hard as the senseless obscenity Womens 20th Anniversary Isolde 160mm Black Platform Peep Toe Pumpsof this young girlrsquo;s death. And shersquo;d seen worse, far worse. Womens Drapesse 160mm Black Leather Platform Peep Toe PumpsShersquo;d cracked sick gags at murder scenes along with the rest of them. It was a defence mechanism, essential for survival,Womens Platform 120 Leather Nude Heels Pumpsbut it was more than that. It was part of the culture: fit in or off.Bev had no intention of looking weak.;No prob, guv,rdquo; she answered softly.She knew his nod of acknowledgement was as convincing as her words of assurance but they were all she had at the moment. She broke eye contact, glanced down at the notes of her brief interview with the caretaker. Byford resumed his scrutiny of the scene.She waited in silence, knowing he wouldn