Stress-related IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a bit of a “chicken or the egg” issue. Does stress cause the IBS, or does the IBS trigger stress?IBS is a condition characterized by a range of symptoms, including:Abdominal painBloatingGasDiarrhea and constipationThe reasons for the connection are not understood, but the following have been suggested:Stressed and anxious people often make poor food choicesStress can cause a range of digestive disordersStress and anxiety may cause people to be more aware of the spasms in their colonIBS may be triggered by the immune system, and the immune system is affected by stressCommon Stress-related IBS triggers include:Menstrual periodsPoor dietWorking too hardNot getting enough sleepDealing with stressful situations often, such as work issues and family problemsMedications, including antibiotics and some antidepressantsAnything containing the artificial sweetener sorbitol