he fireplace. Itrsquo;ll warm you right up. This weather is plumb crazy these days. 2017 Womens Decoltish 85mm Nude Patent PumpsFebruary ainrsquo;t supposed to be this damned cold. Spring ainrsquo;t that far away. 2017 Womens Cadrilla Corazon 100mm Black Suede PumpsWinter needs to step aside. Whatrsquo;d you say your name was?rdquo; Dotty motioned her into the living room with a flick of her wrist. ;Irsquo;m Emily, and thank you. The warmth feels good,rdquo; she said. ;Well, you just wait right here. She wonrsquo;t be long. Go on and sit down, honey. 2017 Womens Decoltish 100mm Pink Suede PumpsTake that rockinrsquo; chair and pull it up next to the fireplace. Can I get you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate?rdquo; ;No, marsquo;am. Irsquo;m fine,rdquo; Emily answered. She would have loved a cup of anything hot just to wrap her chilled fingers around, but she didnrsquo;t want to stick around long e