Vital Credit Card The Credit Card That Pays You To Share!?What is your take on this card!? Legit or Scam!?Vital Card Website: https://www.vitalcard.comThis is how the affiliate link looks like: Early Access Unlocked (When signed up with email)premium colors Need 2 sign upspremium colors Founder Status Need 5 sign upspremium colors More Rewards Coming Soon?Note: The Credit Card That Pays You To Share Get paid cash forever each time you share VITAL with your friends. Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions.How does the Cash Rewards Pool get funded each month?Every time you swipe your VITAL Card to pay for something, 1% of the transactions goes right back to you in the form of cash back and 1% of the transaction gets deposited into the Cash Rewards Pool which is then paid out at the end of each month. As you can imagine, the Cash Rewards Pool can get pretty big if everyone is using their VITAL Card for everyday spending.What happens if I don’t get approved for VITAL after the pre launch phase is done; do I still get cash rewards for everyone I helped sign up?We decided to roll out a pre launch website before the cards were r