the phone, holding the phone, Unisex Adidas Y 3 Sunja Slip On Black Trainerssee Lin but he looked at me, as if ready to expose me a raise, Unisex Adidas Y 3 Sunja Slip On Colourful TrainersI shook my head, open the hands-free, give dad and dial the past, telephone soon. Hello, however. I looked at Qin Xuan dont however, is me, Dad, your bank card number to me, I will give you money in the past, you go to buy a tv. True or false. My dad surprised really? You just send it to me, is my brother sent us home. who ah, such a good. My brother Xuan, necessarily good. Qin Xuan on one side and smiled, pointed to yourself I need say hello to your father. No. thats all right. It is secondary. Hung up the phone, I patted the shoulder of the Qin Xuan, had not tw