0:04 Fish did not want to be photographed and left. 0:19 He did not see the glass wall. 0:36 The camel selfie their understanding. 0:48 How to get to the bus queue. 0:57 Very persistent cat. 1:14 When you need to keep track of everything at the same time. 1:28 Dog feeding younger friend. 1:35 Do not be friends with them, and teach the poor. 1:48 The cabinet is completely under control. 2:12 Very tasty ear kitten mistress. 2:25 Jumping with a horse. 2:33 That only in a dream not to dream. 3:00 Chase. 3:23 Raffle. 3:38 Sly kitten on a colt. 3:49 When absolutely nothing to do. 4:11 Cat in thought. 4:21 Friends are different. 4:28 Raccoon used to sleeping on a soft and warm. 4:40 Kitty went to the toilet all the rules. 5:03 Virtuoso gymnastics. 5:12 Kitten playing with a finger. Compilation of the best jokes and funny animals. http://wow-club.com